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Thoughts on a Macaron Master Class

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Review received from Gemma Guest on 3/7/14:

I cannot recommend this class enough! My mum took me last week as a birthday present. I have been trying to master making macarons for some time now but wasn’t having very much luck.

Gaye was so welcoming and friendly and she made you feel completely at home. She has come up
with her own recipe for making macarons and made it so simple to follow. She started by demonstrating how to make a batch infront of us all, explaining all the time exactly what she was doing and answering all the questions that we had.

And then it was our turn! I must say that after her demonstration and with the very easy-to-follow recipe she developed, making macarons was a breeze. We all got to choose a different colour for our batch and I’m pleased to say that every single person in the class managed to produce a perfect batch of macarons! During the day we were treated to tea and some of the beautiful macarons that Gaye had made.

At the end of the class we went home with a gorgeous goody bag of lovely macarons that we had made, Gaye’s foolproof macaron recipe and I even treated myself to some of the gel colourings that Gaye had on sale (which were very reasonably priced). I have tried the recipe at home – I made raspberry flavoured pink shells with a raspberry and white chocolate filling and they turned out perfectly! I was so pleased.

I think this class is excellent value for money. I thoroughly enjoyed the day – so much so that I’m thinking of friends to take so I can go again! For the disheartened baker this class was invaluable for providing me with a simple recipe for macarons. But for the beginner, such as my mum, it is a lot of fun and a great way to learn a new skill to impress all your friends with! Thanks Gaye!

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