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Macaron Flavours of the Month – December

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Macaron flavours for December obviously have to be inspired by Christmas and all the wonderful winter festivities of the coming weeks. As it is such a special month, I have chosen three delicious macaron flavours that echo all that is rich and spicy, warm and decadent, extravagant and sophisticated of  Christmas  New Year celebrations!  Spicy Christmas macarons are made with golden castor sugar infused with mixed spice and are filled with a spicy, orange flavoured buttercream, with glace cherry surprises.  Chocolate ginger macarons, with just a touch of ginger to warm the shell are filled with a divine chocolate and ginger ganache. Tiny pieces of stem ginger add to the intrigue at every bite. Finally, a very special Tiramisu macaron, subtly flavoured with coffee and filled with a white chocolate, coffee and almond ganache.  Why wait until Christmas?!!


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