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Macaron Flavours of the Month – June

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I have chosen two macaron flavours this month – both winners of my Father’s Day competition.  Firstly, a fruit and nut combination, inspired by a classic chocolate bar, favoured by dads everywhere.  The macaron shell is extra nutty as I have mixed ground hazelnuts with the ground almonds and the milk chocolate, hazelnut and raisin ganache is creamy, fruity, nutty and really satisfying.  Think this will be a great hit! Many thanks to Brigitte for an inspired choice.

Secondly, I have chosen a very adult macaron  flavour – fudge with dark chocolate and whisky (single malt, of course!) ganache. It’s really a combination of two ideas from a dad who looks forward to a Saturday night in with a few glasses of something strong – and, of course, his lovely family for company. These macarons will  make him extra happy! Thanks, Mark.

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