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Not bad!

Not bad!

Macarons, as you know, are my abiding passion.  Macaron thoughts and ideas fill most of my waking hours! I seek out other macaron-obsessives with whom I can share the joys and horrors of  macaron creating and baking. Everybody’s macaron foibles are different, but equally quirky and we are all excessively precious about, and, protective of, our recipes and methodology.  We sit and admire the fluffy feet, the smooth, domed tops, the purity of the colours and the creaminess of the ganache.  Then there are the tasting tests, which, as you can imagine, are extremely exacting and highly critical – in the nicest possible way, of course. “A little too sweet”, “too crispy”, “too soft”, “not enough chocolate”, “a bit heavy-handed with the ganache”, “could be fruitier”, “possibly slightly overcooked”, but….”perfectly delicious!”  Making macarons is both an art and a science and there is always room for improvement.  Let me know if you want to compare notes!

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baking parisian-style macarons for you

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