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St Clement’s Curd

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Having separated a few eggs in preparation for a creative macaron session, I thought I’d use the yolks immediately and make some lemon curd as the filling for a simple, but delicious Victoria sponge –  a back-to-school treat for the family.  As I prepared my ingredients, I realised that I was rather short of lemons!  Not the best planning I agree – but  I’m sure even Mary Berry accidentally omits essentials from her shopping list on occasion.  Undeterred and determined to complete the cake before tea time, I adapted my lemon curd recipe to use both oranges and lemons and created a really delightful alternative with a lovely citrus tang, a light, refreshing flavour and a gorgeous orangey-lemon colour.  My St Clement’s curd worked perfectly in the Victoria sponge and I’m looking forward to trying it as a filling for some vibrant, orange coloured macarons.

St Clement's macarons

St Clement’s macarons

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