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Another interesting recipe


Obsessed as I am with baking the perfect macaron, I am always on the look out for recipe books, master classes and blogs that tackle these sweet little conundrums. I love to read all the tips and quirky suggestions and to compare the recipes and techniques suggested. I am often inspired by the creativity of fellow macaron-makers and the combinations of colours and flavours appear endless.

What I find most interesting are the slight but significant differences in the techniques used to combine and manipulate  the simple ingredients of egg white, sugar and ground almond into the much-loved, sophisticated, french delicacy. Achieving perfection in baking macarons appears to be a very personal thing and everybody has their own trick for success!

Recently, I read an intriguing recipe which suggested cooking the mixture of icing sugar and ground almonds on a baking tray at 150 C for about 5 minutes before folding it into the beaten egg whites. I am struggling to work out how or why  this would assist in producing a perfect macaron but I will experiment with this method as soon as I get a chance and will report back.  Do let me know if you have had any success – or otherwise with this technique.

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2 thoughts on “Another interesting recipe

  1. If you haven’t encountered this blog before give it a read, Stella Parks is amazing and dispels all those myths that make macarons seem so daunting to the first time macaron baker…

    • Thanks Vicki, I’ve been working on dispelling a few of my own myths today! Needing to cut down my prep and waiting time for my classes, I tried baking the macarons immediately they were piped. I had been leaving them longer and longer so convinced was I that this was absolutely necessary to their success. Lo and behold! They were perfect – I did a test tray and a second tray that I baked after 30 minutes – and honestly there was no difference! I made another batch and repeated the “experiment” with same results – so that’s me converted.

      Also tried ground hazlenuts in the shells – replacing about a third of the ground almonds. Worked really well – really nutty flavour. Delicious filled with milk chocolate, raisins and chopped hazelnuts. ( As suggested in my father’s day competition by Brigitte McKinlay):)

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