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I’ve had lots of fun this week sharing macarons with friends, watching their faces and listening to their reactions as they sample different flavours. Everyone has their own favourite and personalities seem to be reflected in the choice of macaron.

Richard, who likes good, wholesome,plain cooking, fell upon the double chocolate macaron before anyone else  realised it was the last one on the plate! The added bonus of maltesers in the filling might have slightly thrown him but I don’t think it spoiled his enjoyment any. Roger, calm, composed, international business man, confidently chose chilli chocolate while Jayne and Denese dillied and dallied not knowing where to start and were quite thrown by the thought of salt in the caramel! However, having been convinced to live dangerously they both loved it and  went on to try orange and almond chocolate, and mint chocolate, which Denese described as “like an After Eight but better!” The plate had to be removed at this point to prevent serious over-indulgence!

Mary, herself the quintessential English rose, was delighted by the delicate flavour and melt-in-the-mouth texture of the rose macaron and quickly put in a special order to share (or not!) with the family. For Anne, a sophisticated, elegant lady, dark chocolate mocha was the only contender while her  fun-loving and somewhat  mischevious husband devoured several milk chocolate and caramel macarons while her attention was divided! My own dear husband really doesn’t mind which flavour is left for him, or which new one I insist he try. Wonder what that tells us about him?

What would you choose?

The choice is yours

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