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Since setting myself the challenge of producing the perfect macaron, I have studied various recipe books, read numerous blogs, watched several videos and made batch after batch of macarons. I’ve experimented with different utensils, oven temperatures and cooking times, invested in electronic scales and silicon mats, adjusted the  proportions of sugar to ground almonds,  used aged versus fresh egg whites, trialled carton egg whites,  added salt, egg white powder, liquid colourants, gel colourants, cocoa powder and coffee granules, investigated the effect of standing time before cooking and leaving the cooked shells to cool in the oven.  I’ve made cream fillings, chocolate fillings, fruit fillings and ice cream fillings, stored the finished macarons in tins, plastic boxes, in the fridge, in the  freezer, etc etc  – there seems to be no end to the small but important details that make all the difference to a successful  – or not – macaron. They are truly the most unpredictable, sensitive, contrary little morsels one could imagine!  There is something inherently feminine about them!  However, they are now my passion and my obsession and therefore every little effort seems worthwhile in this quest for the perfect macaron!

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